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Our MAKE A CAKE feature allows you to make all the important decisions about your buttercream celebration cake and tailor it to your needs.
Choose everything from the shape to the flavour!
At Jake's Bakes we pride ourselves on providing a unique service that allows the customer to be part of the whole cake making process to ensure you get everything you want at a high quality.
Just fill in the form below giving us all the details and we will be in touch soon!

Make a cake
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What do you need the cake for?
It helps us to have an idea of how many people the cake will need to feed so we can design accordingly.
What flavour cake would you like?
What kind of decoration would you like?
We only offer free delivery in Ipswich.
Let us know as much detail as you can to help us design the perfect cake quickly!

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Jake’s Bakes is NOT an allergen free kitchen and all bakes and products may contain traces.

We CANNOT guarantee products are 100% allergen free.